This workshop aims at gathering the experts in highly mislatched alloys together and providing a broad overview over bismuth-containing semiconductors and related materials. The scope of the workhop will cover the issues and capabilities to cover well-identified topics, major advances as well as emerging fields. The workshop will adrress the following items:

  • Epitaxial techniques for growing Bismuth alloys, hetero- and nano-structures, and other metastable semiconductors,
  • Theory of the electronic band structure of Bismides and other highly mis-matched alloys,
  • Optical, electronic and structural characterization of Bismide and related alloys,
  • Device physics (photonics, electronics, spintronics and thermoelectrics),
  • System demands and applications

Please submit your abstract by email to sc-bismuth-abstracts@sciencesconf.org and indicate wether you would perfer an oral or poster presentation. The abstracts submission deadline has been extended to May 8, 2019.

A Word abstract template can be downloaded here Bi2019 Abstract template (word) or Bi2019 Abstract template (pdf)

 Acknowledgement of acceptance for presentation at the workshop will be made by return email. You will be informed on the acceptance of your presentation on May 20, 2019.

A collection of the accepted abstracts will be given to the workshop attendees upon their arrival at the workshop.



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