How to get to Toulouse


By plane

Connections with major cities in Europe and other countries:

Once in the airport, depending your destination in Toulouse,

  • Go to the stop of the shuttle bus, which links the airport to Toulouse (20 minutes):

             Shuttle time table

             (The tickets can be bought by bank card at the ticket machine close to the tramway station or by cash

              in the bus.)

              Step out at the Compans-Caffarelli station, in front of the Mercure Toulouse Centre Compans hotel,

              where the welcome party is held on Sunday evening.


  • go to the tramway station in the front of the hall C “ arrivals” , take the tramway line T2

           to the terminus “Palais de justice” (40 minutes), linked to the subway, line B.



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By train

The train station is located in the center of Toulouse.

Close to the train station, there are a subway station, named “Marengo SNCF, and bus stops (one

direct to LAAS, bus 27).


If you plan to travel to Toulouse by train, see for itinerary:

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