Visits and tourism

The conference will be held in Toulouse. Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France, with a university with nearly 100,000 students and a dynamic industrial area, well-known in particular for its space and airplane research and fabrication centers.

 Toulouse is the capital of the French Occitania region, bounded by the Pyrenees mountains, the Mediterranean sea, and the Aquitaine region (Capital Bordeaux). This region is very touristic with a rich historical heritage, many roman monuments and a large variety of natural features that include gorges, mountains, coasts, limestone plateaus as well as green and wooded landscapes.

 Map available in: map of Occitania region


On July 23, we will invite you to participate in the following visit (included in the registration fee):



If you would like to take the opportunity of this workshop to stay longer in Toulouse and visit more, you can find some information by clicking here:    Tourism 


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